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bikram hot Yoga student doing head to knee with stretching pose or janushirasana with paschimotthanasana on the best bikram hot yoga mat towel

Your hot yoga towel

A yoga towel for those devoted to the 26&2. Who are determined to lock the knee.  Who long for savasana. For those who measure the gap between their feet every time. The ones who know at the end of a crazy, hot, exhausting ninety minutes they will want to do it all again tomorrow.

Bikram Hot yoga student measuring alignment in camel posture or ustrasana pose using the best yoga towel for hot bikram yoga

Posture Alignment

Use the patented design to align your postures and deepen your practice. Created by a 26&2 hot yoga teacher, The Archer uses angles and lines that support you from Ustrasana to Savasana. 

Bikram hot yoga student using the archer the best yoga towel for hot yoga or bikram yoga

Free shipping

Free shipping worldwide. No matter where you lay your mat, take the next step in your practice with a hot yoga towel designed with your hot yoga practice in mind. 

Bikram hot yoga students pranayama deep breathing exercise on the archer the best hot yoga mat towel

Non slip

The Archer stays put without the need for extra plastic underneath. Who has time for a high maintenance towel? Our easy care microfibre blend means you simply machine wash and hang to dry or tumble dry on low. 


Improve your hot yoga postures with our free ebook

Free ebook on bikram yoga practice Your Alignment in hot yoga

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Our free ebook 'Your Alignment in Hot Yoga' is packed with tips and hints to improve your practice and your alignment in the 26&2 yoga postures.

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Water molecule showing the high level of water absorption the archer yoga towel has.

More than just a yoga towel

The Archer's specific microfibre formula was developed to absorb 1000ml of liquid. Light, non-slip and just the right size for your mat. The Archer is recommended by Hot Yoga teachers.

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Free shipping worldwide for yoga towel used for Bikram and other hot yoga.

Free Shipping

Free shipping worldwide.

Yoga towel comes with alignment guide to help with alignment in bikram or hot yoga

Alignment guide

.Includes alignment guide to assist with posture positioning.

This Bikram or hot yoga towel is easy care and machine washable

Easy Care

Machine washable.

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The only towel you'll ever need for hot yoga.

This is the hot yoga towel you have been wishing you had. Absorbent. Non slip. It doesn't move all over the place when you step on it. Alignment lines that help guide your practice. 

It doesn't have pretty lotus flowers or mandala's on it. It's for yoga. It's weirdly thin with a simple yet powerful design that keeps your focus on your practice. 

The Archer can absorb more than a litre of water. The microfibre blend was created with Bikram or hot yoga in mind but anytime you are on your mat and sweating - think power yoga, mat pilates or hot pilates - this towel will help line you up and stay in one place.

Designed and patented in Australia by a qualified Bikram Yoga method yoga teacher, The Archer is the answer to your yoga towel prayers. 

Hot Yogi Reviews

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The best hot yoga towel

Super absorbent towel that is a must for anyone with a hot yoga practice. Using this towel will improve not only your alignment but also your feeling of grounding during practice. Others in my class have also enjoyed using this mat and are looking forward to it coming out in the shops.

– Graham

Bikram yoga teacher demonstrating standing head to knee pose or dandayamana janushirasana on the archer hot yoga towel
It has been a pleasure to test the archer, definitely the most absorbent towel I have used. Great grip on your feet and the alignment cues in the design are great for anyone new to hot yoga/bikram/26&2 or other lineages

– James

I have been practicing Heated Bikram and Hot HIIT (high intensity interval training in a 95 degree room). Having a mat that doesn't slip and roll up during the quick movements like burpees and mountain climbers is SO amazing. The alignment lines are also so great. They're an easy and quick reminder of where to place your hands and feet to make sure you maintain proper form even when mentally you are battling with the heat of the room.

– Sarah

Hot yoga student demonstrating trikonasana or triangle pose from the bikram hot yoga sequence
A lot of thought and care and intelligence has gone into the design and quality of this yoga towel. The functionality of the alignment tools the quality of material and the moisture absorbing qualities of this towel exceeded all expectations. As a Bikram Method Hot yoga teacher I would highly recommend this towel to all my beginner students and to all the long-term practitioners. It is now my main towel I use when I practice !

– Dustan

Bikram yoga sequence using the archer

 Watch how The Archers patented design can enhance your practice.

The Archer

Your practice, only better.