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Balancing Stick Pose

Tuladandasana balancing stick pose from the bikram hot yoga postures is a one legged balancing posture that requires a locked knee and non-slip towel the archer yoga towel is the best yoga towel for hot yoga or bikram yoga postures

Tuladandasana - Balancing Stick Pose

Keeping your arms and head together is a key component of this ten second long posture that increases your heart rate. Getting your balance first, lifting your back toes off the floor and stretching up straight again before tilting down or pivoting from the hips, can help keep your balance for the duration of the posture. 

Look forward.

Don't lift your head up but raise your gaze, looking forward at your standing foot in the mirror. Contract your inner thigh or inner quad muscle (the vests medialis) and keep your lower abdominals (transverse abdominals) contracted. Lengthen your tailbone and keep your pelvis aligned. 


Consider the stretch, really lengthen the lifted leg and stretch it to the back of the room. Really pull backwards from the hips (keeping the pelvis stable). Now stretch forward, not just your arms but your chest, ribcage, shoulders all stretching away towards the mirror. 

How can The Archer Hot Yoga Towel help your balancing stick posture? 

The Archer is a towel for hot yoga. As you step forward, the centre line acts as a guide. Align the centre of your foot. Make sure your toes are pointing forward toward the mirror, and align your body with the long centre arrow. focus on the arrow tip and bend from your hips. Keep your gaze forward on the tip of the arrow and use proprioception to keep your body aligned. 
bikram hot yoga student doing balancing stick pose tulandasana using the archer non-slip hot yoga towel to aid with alignment and balance .      Bikram yoga student using The archer hot yoga towel centre line which allows for ideal alignment in balancing stick pose or tuladandasana posture. The archer is the best towel for hot yoga practice
The Archer hot yoga towel is a towel for hot yoga, bikram yoga or hot pilates or any unheated form of these practices. 

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