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Camel Pose - Ustrasana

step by step guide for ustrasana or camel pose from the bikram yoga postures or hot yoga postures

Bikram Yoga Camel Pose

camel icon to describe the posture from the bikram hot yoga series

Ustrasana - master posture

camel pose ustrasana from the bikram hot yoga series of hot yoga postures

Put your hands on your upper backside, the reference to the hips is about your skeletal hips - you want your hands on your butt. Keep your thumbs with the rest of your hands pointing down to the floor and bring your elbows right back behind you. Keep the tops of your feet flat on the floor and your shins flat on the floor. 

Hot Yoga Back bending - Move together.

back bending in bikram yoga should be done in unison

Don't fling yourself back. Take your time, move in unison with the rest of the class. Elongate your spine, push your hips forward first and then relax your head. Don't 'drop' it back. Ouch. Relax it back. Now pause. Lift your chest up and push your hips again. You want your hips to stay forward the whole time. Keep your tailbone long. 

Keep your chest up. Now go back.

keeping your chest up in camel pose is very important

Reach back and grab your heels (or just keep holding your backside). Did I mention to make sure you don't sacrifice the hips? They don't come back. Keep lifting your chest up to the ceiling. Relax your neck. Keep breathing gently in and out through your nose. Draw your shoulders towards each other. 

Exit Camel pose slowly.

snail depicting the need to exit camel pose slowly

Exiting postures correctly and calmly is as important as entry. Come out of camel  slowly and carefully. Hands to your hips one at a time. Look at yourself in the mirror and try not to slump down or do any exaggerated sighing or huffing and puffing. Carefully and mindfully turn around for savasana. 

How The Archer hot yoga towel can help your Camel Pose.

The archer hot yoga towel is beneficial in camel pose

Use the lines to place your knees six inches apart. Keep your knees and hips aligned over this line. Don't let your hips drop back. 
Bikram yoga student doing hot yoga pose camel pose or ustrasana from the bikram yoga postures using the archer yoga towel to align correct distance between knees as the archer is the best yoga towel for hot yoga or bikram yoga          bikram hot yoga student practicing postures with ideal foot placement in camel pose the master posture of the bikram yoga postures to ensure correct alignment and form in the posture using the archer hot yoga towel the best bikram towel for hot yoga

The Archer yoga towel tabs indicate the correct distance and placement for alignment in Camel Pose.