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Ready to improve your Bikram Yoga poses?

bikram yoga balancing stick posture tuladandasana

We've written a new ebook, 'Your Alignment in Hot Yoga, Tips for your best hot yoga practice' to offer some hints and guides for each of the 26&2 Bikram Yoga postures and breathing exercises. 

Learn how to lock your knee.

how to lock your knee in bikram yoga postures including standing head to knee pose dandayamana janushirasana

Find out how to practice a locked knee lying down and how to replicate this during the standing and balancing postures.

Alignment in Spine Strengthening Postures

cobra pose alignment in the bikram yoga postures

Discover how your head and neck alignment can affect your posture in Cobra Pose, (Bhujangasana) and other spine strengthening postures. 

Master Postures

ustrasana or camel posture the master posture of the bikram yoga series

Ever wondered why you keep six inches between your feet in the second set of Camel Pose? We explain this and more. 

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