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Want to know more about The Archer, our unique hot yoga towel? We would love to hear from you. If you are a studio and would like to discuss the opportunity to wholesale The Archer Hot Yoga towel at your studio then please get in touch on +610417068423. 

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Please email us anytime: bullandbow@gmail.com and we will always endeavour to respond to enquiries and get back to you within 24 hours. 

Old Fashioned Post

Alternatively you can drop us a line the old fashioned way to our PO Box: PO Box 488 Chelsea Victoria 3196 Australia. 

Hours of Operation

As an online business we are open 24/7. However for responses to queries and emails please be aware that we are located in Melbourne, Australia which means we usually work during the day (sometimes well into the night!) and we will get back to you when we wake up if it happens to be a different time zone. 

The Archer Hot Yoga Towel - Stockists

The Archer hot yoga towel by Bull and Bow is currently stocked at several Australian yoga studios including Hot Yoga and Pilates Mornington, Bikram Yoga Yarraville and Bikram Yoga Werribee. We really appreciate these studios and their support of a small independent venture like ours. Thanks guys!

Hot Yoga Alignment Workshops

If you are interested in attending one of our alignment workshops to help improve your yoga alignment and posture or would like to us to run a workshop at your studio please email us on the email address below. 

The Archer on Social Media

We are interested in partnering with yogi's on social media. Initially please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and then send and email to bullandbow@gmail.com for a discussion. 

Bikram or hot yoga student doing half tortoise pose ardha kurmasana using the archer hot yoga towel, the best towel for bikram yoga  for alignment . Bikram Hot Yoga student doing hot or bikram yoga posture toe stand or tadasana using the archer hot yoga towel the best bikram towel for hot yoga


Free Ebook on Hot Yoga

cobra pose bhujangasana alignment in bikram yoga

Our free ebook 'Your Alignment in Hot Yoga' is packed with hints and tips to improve your hot yoga practice. Click here to get yours. 

The Archer Hot Yoga Towel is protected with an Australian Intellectual Property Patent (number 201910758) certified and examined by the Australian Government - IP Australia.