Bull and Bow

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

standing bow pulling pose from the bikram yoga series

Standing Bow Pulling Pose 

standing bow pulling pose

Standing bow pulling pose is a back bending posture, that also includes a spine twist. The spinal twist is of your upper body, front shoulder to the chin and the back shoulder invisible behind it. 

Standing bow - It's a back bend peeps.

backbend in standing bow

The back bend is driven by the kick, your knee moving directly backwards and keeping the hip down. Stretch forward with your fingertips but don't come down too far or too fast - instead keep kicking and stretching apart up towards the ceiling. This will create the backbend.

Just keep kicking.


Keep your chin straight, trying not to tilt your head to the side. Make sure the standing foot is taking your weight evenly, feel for pressure beneath the mound of the big toe, the little toe and the centre of your heel. Keep your toes pointing straight towards the mirror. Contract the thigh muscles but don't over-rely on the large middle thigh, work on engaging the inner thigh muscle (the vests medialis). Keep kicking as hard as you can. 

How can The Archer hot yoga towel help your standing bow?

the archer hot yoga towel

1. The centre line allows you to make sure your standing foot is straight, toes pointing forward.
2. Using the centre line as a guide for your outstretched hand and kicking leg as you look forward in the mirror.
3. Proprioception. The alignment lines support your brain and its ability to understand the position and movement of the body. 
Foot alignment in standing bow pulling pose using the archer hot yoga towel for bikram yoga.                    Standing bow pulling pose dandayamana dhanurasana using the archer hot yoga towel for alignment
1. Foot placement.        2&3. Aligning leg and proprioception.

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