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Standing Separate Leg Stretching

standing separate leg stretching pose

Tips for Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

forward fold

Forward Fold

Standing separate leg stretching is a forward fold. You are folding your upper body down toward your lower body like you are folding in half at the hips. Keep your legs straight, thighs contracted and knees locked and your spine straight with your core pulled in. 

inversion posture

Inversion Posture

As your head is below your heart in this posture it is an inversion pose, great for your heart and lungs amongst many benefits. You can read more about inversions here. Standing Separate Leg Stretching is a very safe inversion as you have a stable wide legged base. However because of this you may feel a bit light headed as your blood pressure normalises as you exit the posture so be aware of this and take your time. 
reciprocal inhibition

Reciprocal Inhibition

As you enter this posture your hamstrings quickly make their presence known and the deep stretch of these muscles is one of the benefits of the posture. If you have tight hamstrings and this is challenging for you be sure to continue to contract your quads as you enter the pose to allow your hamstrings to relax. This process of contraction and relaxation of opposing muscle groups in known as reciprocal inhibition. Another muscle group that utilises reciprocal inhibition in this pose is the erector spinae muscle group that run along either side of your spine. Contracting your rectus abdominals (your six pack!) will allow these back muscles to relax and for you to gain more depth in the stretch. 



This is another of the 'struggle' postures that many people find challenging and with so many instructions can be overwhelming. Relax into the posture, let your head hang loose like a bowling ball, relax your cervical spine (neck) and with some detachment let your mind find the points of tension where you might feel stuck in this posture. Feel the tension, acknowledge its presence, then move on to the next point of tension. Don't try to 'fix' it or change anything simply notice it and move on. 

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yoga student practicing standing separate leg stretching pose using the archer hot yoga towel

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