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Hands to Feet Pose.

pada hastasana

Bikram Yoga Hands to Feet Pose

Pada Hastasana

Pada hastasana hands to feet pose

This is the first forward fold in the 26&2 series and it's important to take it easy. Don't flop over forwards, move carefully and mindfully. Before you bend pull your core muscles in. Your transverse abs (the really low ones - not just your six pack) and keep them in. Lift your pelvic floor. Lengthen your tailbone. Now, bend your knees a little, exhale and fold forward. 

Flatten yourself to your legs.

flatten your body like a ham sandwich no gaps anywhere
Flatten yourself against your legs. Stomach on thighs, chest on knees. Relax your neck and press your face against your shins. Even though you keep hearing 'lock the knees' don't panic about this. Keep your compressed shape and one day the legs will straighten. 

Keep Breathing.

remember to keep breathing

Concentrate on breathing. Slow and in and out through your nose. Shift your weight onto your toes. Now exhale and relax, lift, your hips up to the ceiling. Now weight again, now exhale, hips up again. All the while staying flat together. One day your knees will lock. 

How the Archer can help your Pada hastasana. 

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Using the centre cross as a guide, make sure your ten toes are straight across. As much weight under your big toe as there is under your little toe. Check your toes are aligned with the centre line, facing toward the mirror.
Bikram yoga students standing in the centre circle of the archer hot yoga towel before beginning half moon pose with hands to feet pose.

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balancing stick pose tuladandasana from the bikram yoga postures

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