Bull and Bow

Standing Head to Knee Pose

standing separate leg head to knee pose

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose

forward focus

Forward Focus

The whole momentum of the posture is forward. Keep your weight forward on your standing foot. Push your both hips forward and kick the heel of your lifted foot forward toward the mirror. 

Core Strength

core strength

There are very few things in life and yoga that are not improved by pulling your core muscles in tight. In particular your balance is improved by the stability a strong core can offer. Think abdominals, obliques and gluteals.

Lock your knee.

lock your knee

Contract your standing leg, quads and hamstrings. Keep your hips forward to keep your pelvic alignment neutral to minimise the potential for hyperextension of the standing knee. Keep the thigh contraction as you lift your other foot.

Give up the struggle.


You know how sometimes when there is no pressure on us to perform or achieve something we suddenly are able to do more than we could when we were trying really hard? The struggle can become the focus of a posture, negative self talk and expectations of where you want to get to in the posture can affect your ability to practice mindfully. Stop struggling, allow the posture to be anything it turns out to be today. Choose one key focus (engaging the core is a good one) and laser beam your mind to that focus alone. Your body will hear and follow the instructions for the rest of the posture while you keep that one idea front of mind. 

How The Archer Hot Yoga Towel can help you in Standing Head to Knee Pose. 

The circle gives your posture a centred starting position and the long centre line arrow is a guide for your lifted leg. Use the mirror to make adjustments using the long line. The non slip fabric gives a smooth surface to your practice. Click here to buy your very own Archer towel.

standing head to knee pose

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half tortoise pose

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