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hot yoga towel the archer

We make yoga towels for hot or Bikram Yoga

Designing a better yoga towel with alignment lines initially for personal use then expanded into a design patent and the production of The Archer Hot Yoga Towel to allow others to benefit from the towel in their own practice. This design evolved from a long term Bikram practice and was greatly enhanced through undertaking hot yoga teacher training in 2019 in Copenhagen with Mark Drost from Evolation Yoga 

Designed by a qualified Bikram Method teacher.

As a qualified Bikram method yoga and hot pilates instructor Jacki understands the impact that poor alignment can have on your hot yoga postures and just how that poor alignment can also lead to injuries and strain. How our anatomy shapes our alignment is a particular area of interest. 

How Hot Yoga benefits your body and mind.

We are also interested in how yoga affects and benefits our brain and its function. Jacki teaches both the 26&2 Bikram Hot Yoga series and hot pilates (with a definite 80's edge to the playlist) at Fahrenheit Yoga and Pilates and Hot Yoga and Pilates Mornington. She fully intends to lift her hips off her heel in toe stand. One day. 

Bikram Hot yoga students practicing half moon pose ardha chandrasana using the archer the best hot yoga towel for bikram yoga or hot yoga
Bull & Bow founder, Jacki Owen, teaching a Bikram 90 Minute Class.