Bull and Bow

The Archer Hot Yoga Towel FAQ

Q. Can I use The Archer for regular yoga?

A. Yes, of course! The non-slip fabric and absorbency are wonderful for any type of yoga practice. It is the same size as your mat and thin enough to not impact on your practice.

Q. What about hot pilates? 

A. Absolutely - pilates is very much about alignment and the correct form. The alignment lines support this and the absorbency is great when you start to sweat. 

Q. What is The Archer made of?

A. A blend of microfibres designed for maximum absorbency.  

Q. How absorbent is The Archer?

A. The Archer holds more than one litre of water. 

Q. How heavy is The Archer?

A. 480gms

Q. Why should I wash The Archer before use?

A. Most fabric fibres are flattened during the manufacturing and shipping process. Washing all towels, including the Archer, allows the fibres to relax and become more absorbent. 

Q. Do I need to use a specific detergent?

A. No, just your usual washing powder. Refrain from using fabric softeners as they have the effect of flattening the fibres and making them less absorbent over time. (This is true of ALL your towels!)

Q. Can I tumble dry The Archer?

A. Yes, but be sure to choose a low heat setting.