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Some Like it Hot ūüĒ•Hot Yoga and Your Body

Are your bunions sabotaging your yoga alignment?

Bunions and Yoga.

How you position your feet impacts both on your posture and your yoga postures. Your practice in the hot yoga room relies on each part of your body aligning correctly with the next to produce the right form. 

Bikram Yoga Feet Together.

Keeping your feet together with heels and toes touching might not be the best stance if you have bunions. 

Correct your feet in your hot yoga practice. 

Bunions are the result of misaligned bones in your feet. Failing to correct for this will result in misalignment in your shins, knees, thigh bones, hips and spine. A small correction in your feet will have a big result in the form of your yoga. This blog describes how to correct for bunions and dramatically improve your form.