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THE ARCHER - Bikram Hot Yoga Towel


Bikram yoga student doing tree pose tadasana on The Archer Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel
Bikram yoga student doing tree pose tadasana on The Archer Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel Yoga student stepping forward in tuladandasana on a grey Bikram Yoga Mat Towel Bikram Hot student practicing Camel Pose, Ustrasana, using the best hot yoga towel to help alignment Hot yoga student practicing janushirasana with paschimotthanasana on the best Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel or Head to Knee with Stretching Pose Bikram hot yoga student practicing half tortoise posture Ardha Khurmasana pose using The Archer hot yoga towel Bikram hot yoga student doing standing separate leg head to knee pose using The Archer Hot Yoga Towel. The Archer Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel best Hot yoga towel workout towel sweat towel non slip towel

This is the hot yoga towel you have been wishing you had. Absorbent. Non slip. It doesn't move all over the place when you step on it. Alignment lines that help guide your practice. 

We made it especially for you.

It's not a lovely thick fluffy towel to use after a nice long hot bath on a winter night. It doesn't have pretty lotus flowers or mandala's on it. It's for yoga. It's weirdly thin, and has a simple yet powerful design, reminiscent of an arrow, that keeps your focus on your practice - not on working out exactly what six inches looks like. 

It's kind of geometric.

The lines help with your postures. Despite the thinness of the fabric it is incredibly absorbent. It absorbs more than a litre of water. Actually, let's just call it what it is. A litre of sweat. No more puddles.

The microfibre blend has been created with Bikram or hot yoga in mind. Having said that, anytime you are on your mat and sweating - think power yoga, mat pilates or hot pilates - this towel will help line you up and stay in one place. No more slipping and no plastic needed under the towel to keep it in place. Designed and patented in Australia by a qualified Bikram Yoga method yoga teacher, The Archer is the answer to your yoga towel prayers. 

You're welcome!

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